King Khan has shown the sign that he can speak up but not on the matter which affects the citizen of the country as he today came up on social media and started ASK SRK which started to trend on number 1 in the late afternoon. Shah Rukh Khan replied to his fans about several questions about his upcoming film and how he is always there for his fans but when the fans started questioning about the contentious CAA and the protest which is taking place all over the country, the king of Bollywood showed the move of his smartness swiftly and ignored all the questions regarding it, which made the fans go upset all over it.

Shah Rukh Khan’s fans were expecting it today that he would speak up on the matter but as king Khan ignored the question it lead the disappointment in the fans and because of that his fans started questioning him about the fear of government.

One of the fans asked SRK about one thing he misses about Delhi and to which King Khan replied that he miss the cold weather of Delhi. This answer leads to many questions that came up from his fans and they started questioning him about Shaheen Bagh as the women of Delhi are sitting in the protest for over a month and that too in Delhi’s cold which he misses the most.

Shah Rukh made it clear that he was going to play ASKSRK in which he will reply only to 20 questions and from several questions, none of it was about the CAA or the protest.

SRK’s fans with the disappointment have agreed that they chose the wrong role model for decades who did not even come up to show support to them, and the desired support came up from the unexpected quarters.

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