Bigg Boss 13:After the bubble of Arhaan Khan’s secret got busted, it left all the contestants in shock. While other contestants were trying to console Rashami Desai after such an incident. One of the friends of the Dil Se DIl Tak actress, Shefali Zariwala suggested her something weird. She told Rashami to exit the show with Arhaan Khan and sort things outside privately. The move by the Kanta Laga girl was not appreciated outside. Social media was stormed with comments and one of them was the ex Bigg Boss Contestant Kamya Punjabi.

Kamya Punjabi had been a keen follower of the show and often seen sharing her views on the gameplay of different contestants. After hearing to Zariwala’s suggestion to her so-called friend Rashami Desai, Kamya felt bad and took to her twitter handle pointing a finger at Shefali and Rashami’s bond. Kamya tweeted, true friends, are the one who supports and teaches how to fight against wrong, not the one who says leave the house.

Here’s the tweet:

Some users even appreciated Kamya’s fine sense of observation. Many questions also arose on Shefali Zariwala’s gameplay also. Various users accused her of playing a smart game and wiping out the competition with ease.

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All of this started with Saturday’s Weekend Ka Vaar episode, when host Salman Khan entered the Bigg Boss house and revealed a secret of Arhaan Khan to his ladylove Rashami Desai along with the other contestants. Many of them were shocked after hearing the secret, who once appreciated the bond. The others felt disappointed with Arhaan Khan for creating a love angle inside the house even after being married for real. After hearing the revelations Rashami Desai burst out in tears and decides to quit the show.

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Some contestants alongside the host Salman Khan tried to console her but, Rashami wasn’t able to digest the fact. Though, after a long consoling session, she finally decided to stay back. Such a statement from a Shefali Zariwala was totally unacceptable for Kamya and she questions, what kind of friendship is this?

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