Weekend Ka Vaar is well known for Salman Khan and his classes that he used to give to the BB house contestants but this he has changed the manner of taking classes of the contestants as he is showing his rage and aggression in a different way this time and has called up in a different matter by cleaning the utensils and bathrooms and all these steps were taken just to embarrass the BB housemates.

From the promo, it is clear that Salman Khan entered the BB house and he cleaned the washroom and not only this he also picked the hair strands from the washroom and that thing was enough to embarrass the housemates. He was not being his usual self and to prove that he did not yell at anyone and instead he did the household cleaning work by himself and did not say a word to the contestants of the BB house.

The contestants of the BB house were locked in the room and they all were shouting sorry and Salman did not listen to them and continued doing his work. When all of this happened, the contestant Paras Chhabra thanked god and said that it was good, he did not come in.

Salman Khan exited the BB house after completing the work of cleaning and had a word with the contestants through the TV and he refused to take the apologies of the BB house contestants as they do not keep the house clean and he was embarrassed to see that.

Salman Khan also said that the people outside are not liking their drama and they should work on themselves to get their act together as they are not responsible for anything and they should work on each and everything and should get better by time otherwise the consequences are going to be good.

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