Vishal Aditya Singh aka Kabir Singh of the television indutsry is back with his character as his ex girlfriend Madhurima Tuli has markeed the entry in the BB house. The entry of Madhurima Tuli has left Vishal Aditya Singh in shock and by the promo it is quite clear that he is pretty much unhappy about it.

Madhurima Tuli is in the BB house now and by this Vishal is not happy and is sharing his disappointment with Mahira Sharma. Madhurima Tuli got to know about it that he was bitching about her and that has left her in disappointment and she is making it sure that she is going to play the game now.

The entry of Madhurima Tuli has made it clear that Bigg Boss house is now going to be filled with lots of drama ans the two previous lover who ended up things on bad note will be again seen in the Bigg Boss house sharing the same space.

The two were also seen in the reality based dance show Nachh Baliye in which the two shared a lovely chemistry but now they are the biggest rival and is going to fill the house with number of fights. Through the video, it is clear that Madhurima wants to seek attention but will Aditya Singh let her do that? Vishal Aditya Singh is looking quiet nervous because he might be feeling a little inferior because of her or he is afraid that the real phase of Kabir Singh will come out and reflect in his personality.

After the entry of Madhurima, Shehnaz asked a question from Vishal that is she the love of her but he said that he does not want to talk about it and goes all aggressive after her entry into the house.

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