Bigg Boss 13 grand finale 15th February: The grand finale of Bigg Boss 13 is finally just days away from settling the big debate as to who will win the show, apart from the big winner reveal one of the highlights would be the journey package of each individual contestant recapping their entire Bigg Boss stay.

One such recap video will be for the much talked about contestant, Paras Chhabra who has been a known name for a long time now in the space of reality shows appearing twice as a contestant on MTV Splitsvilla and once winning the show.

The journey package prepared by the makers of the show is likely to heavily feature Paras’s romance with fellow contestant Mahira Sharma which despite being apparent to the viewers, was outright denied by both of the contestants.

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However what will be interesting to look in the video will be his short-lasting friendship with Shehnaaz Gill, who still swears by her connection with Paras.

Though Paras has been perceived as the villain in the house from the get-go constantly getting into a heated verbal duel with Asim Riaz and coming out on the other end as the bad guy, has a positive side to his character which is his loyalty as friend towards Sidharth Shukla with whom he has stood by since the very start, which will be shown in the video and help change people’s perception of him.

The journey of this friendship would be an emotional watch if showcased properly in the journey package prepared by the makers of the show.

There are several other highlights in his journey but the ugliest ones are his fights with Asim Riaz which too will be featured substantially in the recap video.

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