Malang, Mohit Suri directed has the same look and feel like his earlier film Ek villain, with an optimistic female lead and Guru like a tough man. For Malamg it can be said that it is a boy meets girl story except it transitions midway into a thriller involving cops, murders and whatnot.

It opens with an action scene that clearly translates through to the viewers what they are in for. The film revolves around Advait played by Aditya Roy Kapoor and Sara played by Disha Patani who meets and falls in love with each other. The films also show how there’s trouble in paradise for the two as Advait turns out to be a killer who goes on a killing streak.

The film completely shifts in tone and feels with the entry of the two cops Anjaney Agashe played by Anil Kapoor and Michael Rodrigues played by Kunal Khemu. They to get a character arc of their own with Anjaney coming from the line of cops like Chulbul Pandey who does not play by the rules whereas Micheal is just the contrast who follows the rules and plays with the confined boundary of laws.

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The love story part is beautifully shot in the daylight, exploiting the mesmerizing beauty of Goa. Whereas most of the action scenes are shot in the night which makes the shift in tonality easily digestible by the audience as they exactly know what to expect in a particular scene just by the mise-en-scene. It is greatly helped by the loud background music that makes no bones about what the tone of the scene is.

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The film boasts itself as being a thriller, however, it lags behind in thrill. As the audience sees the twist coming from a mile away and what they retain at the end of it, it is the romance of the beautiful leads rather than the twists. Like all Mohit Suri’s film, this one too has impressive music, especially the title track which is used to great effect in the film and tends to stick with you even when the film is long over.

Acting performance by the cast is compelling, especially Aditya Roy Kapoor, who has ease in his performance, he shifts from lovable charming hunk to intimidating killer effortlessly. Anil Kapoor, who makes every role he plays his own, elevates the film and keeps the audience engrossed in the storyline and the characters.

Disha Patani gets a little more to do in this film than her previous ventures and makes the most out of it. She especially in the first half, looks breathtaking. Her chemistry with Aditya Roy Kapoor is electric and adds emotional investment by the audience in their romance. Talking about Kunal Khemu, he doesn’t get much to do but he makes the most of what he is given.

Malang with all its flaws is still a good watch that will leave you entertained at the end, with a craving to see more of Disha Patani and Aditya Roy Kapoor in the future.

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