A number of Twitter users have migrates from the micro-blogging platform to the open-source social networking platform known as Mastodon. All this started with the suspension of the Twitter account of senior advocate Sanjay Hegde whose account was first suspended because of a photograph termed as sensitive content and after that, it happened because he retweeted a poem which was also termed as a sensitive or inappropriate content. In a rage, Twitter users are joining Mastodon and they are also saying that Mastodon has better moderation policies as compared to Twitter and on Mastodon, people are completely free to create their own servers and their own set of rules and norms.

Mastodon basically serves an open-source social networking platform. It permits the users to host their own community or join a new existing one. Mastodon is somehow as same as Twitter. In other terms, it can be said that Mastodon is a decentralized social network. all the users can also communicate with other users from different communities in the platform.

How do you create a Mastodon account?

In order to create a Mastodon account, you need to visit the official website’s homepage and tap on the get started button which will take you to the signup page of the website.

Here is how you can choose and browse a particular community you want to create your account with, every community has its own rules and norms. One of the most famous social community on the platform is Mastodon.social. Users can follow and talk to anyone from any of the servers.

Once the user taps the join button, they will be asked to fill a form in which the email ID will be required, after that the user will be supposed to create a username and password. The interface of the app is as same as Twitter and posts are known as a hoot.

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