Arvind Kejriwal hits back at Amit Shah: With Delhi Assembly elections just two weeks away, the ruling Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) and the opposition BJP clashed on Twitter after Union Home Minister Amit Shah’s jibe on CCTVs and Wi-Fi services, offered by the Arvind Kejriwal-led government.

The Delhi BJP took to Twitter on Thursday, the same day Shah kickstarted party’s election campaign in the national capital, saying the AAP was fooling the people by claiming they have installed over 1 lakh CCTV cameras in government schools.

According to Shah, the Delhi government has only installed a few cameras in the schools. Taking a jibe at the BJP, Kejriwal thanked Shah for accepting that the Delhi government has installed some CCTV cameras for the safety of the students.

In another tweet, the BJP quoted Shah as saying he could not access the Wi-Fi in Delhi despite trying his best to connect his phone. In the process, the former BJP president’s phone ran out of charge, the saffron party said.

Kejriwal hit back at Shah, saying his government has arranged free-battery charging facilities, apparently reminding the BJP leader that he does not need to pay for charging as the Delhi government had offered free 200 units of electricity.

Kejriwal also expressed his happiness, asserting that people of the national capital have changed the politics, as according to him, the BJP is seeking votes on CCTV and schools.

The Delhi chief minister also attacked the opposition parties for accusing him of playing freebies politics. He claimed that freebies in a limited dose are good for the economy as it makes more money available to poor and boosts demand.

Meanwhile, the poll for 70 Delhi seats will be held on February 8 with the AAP trying its best to retain the power. The BJP is also contesting with full might, aiming to unseat Kejriwal. The Congress and the BSP are also in the contest.

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