A Tis Hazari court in New Delhi on Wednesday granted bail to Bhim Army chief Chandrashekhar Azad on conditions, some of which include he should not be in the city due to the impending Delhi Assembly elections, he can’t hold protests for the next four weeks and he can’t go Shaheen Bagh, where protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act have been on for a month, and has achieved near cult stature among people opposed to the CAA.

Azad was arrested on December 21, 2019 after he had taken out a rally from Jama Masjid in Old City to Daryaganj the previous day, where Delhi Police lathicharged protesters who are said to have burned a car. Since December 21, Azad has been in judicial custody.

Among other things, Azad has been charged for being part of a march without the permission of the Delhi Police.

Advocate Mahmood Pracha, who appeared for Azad, said the Bhim Army chief was not part of any violence that took place at Jama Masjid and for the matter of proof, it was confirmed by Delhi Police drones that Azad was not involved in any violence.

The plea for Azad’s bail stated that the charges of Delhi Police against the protesters for violence and being part of an unlawful assembly is a foul decision/ announcement and no warnings were issued or announced before the lathis came down.

His advocate said Azad’s name was included in the FIR but no specific allegation or charges were cited against him, thus the conclusion that the charges against him were all wrong and did not come along with any evidence.

The Delhi Police was against the decision of granting bail to Azad as they stated that he was a repeat offender and if he would be released the offences will take the place again.

Over the last week, Azad’s doctor had implored on social media and on television that the authorities must treat his blood disorder with the utmost seriousness.

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