Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman delivered the Union budget on Friday in the lower house, FM started the budget and 11 a.m, by the time social media users started the meme fest. The people belonging to the middle-class family seemed highly affected by the expectations of the budget.

The social media users used famous dialogues from different films and connect them to the economic condition of the country. Now, a number of creative memes can be seen on social media. Filmmaker Vivek Agnihotri who always lock horns with the BJP government also tweeted and asked FM to exempt GST from the budget. He also called GST a Kudrati Khana.

The social media users also wrote that the budget for common people is not a big day, it is just for a few economists and the media channels. According to them, the budget day is another normal day. Some people also added that everyone will now become an economist and will give their opinions no matter what.

Meme makers also trolled the 2019 budget and claimed that the middle class will never get benefitted by the union budget. Tweeple make fun of much new development of the budget 2020 and the meme fest is still on.

One of the twitter, user wrote that she knows how to cook pakoras so she has a job, then she said but what is the point of that. Nobody will come to by her pakodas because of no money. Then she said maybe budget 2020 will help.

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