Indian army will evacuate Indian citizens from China’s Wuhan today and they will be taken to a special facility in Manesar near to Delhi for quarantine and screening. The facility will house around 300 students who will be observed for similar signs of infection as coronavirus for two weeks by the team of doctors and medical personnel.

The students will be screened upon their arrival in India at the airport by a combined team of Airport Health Authority (AHO) and Armed Forces Medical Services (AFMS). Students who will be suspected of the symptoms will be immediately shifted to the isolation ward of Base Hospital Delhi Cantonment (BHDC).

The screening will be divided into three groups;

Group 1- Students will be checked for the signs and symptoms like cough/fever/cold and if identified then they will be shifted directly to the BHDC.

Group 2- This group will be classified by the individuals who do not show any sign of infection but they have had seafood markets, animal markets or have contracted a Chinese person with similar signs in the last two weeks.

Group 3- The third group will consist of those individuals who do not show any signs or symptoms and have not even contacted Chinese people showing symptoms.

Individuals will be kept under the observation and they will undergo the medical examination daily and if after two weeks, they do not show any of the symptoms then they will be allowed to go home. Although, they will still be under the district/state surveillance and their medical reports will be sent to the concerned authorities to keep a follow-up check.

The first case of coronavirus in India was identified in Kerala on Thursday where a student of Wuhan University returned and was suspected of the symptoms. Therefore, he was kept in isolation at a local hospital in Thrissur.

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