Former Congress chief Rahul Gandhi comes out all guns blazing and targeted Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP on Wednesday. He was addressing a public gathering in Delhi’s Sangam Vihar to woo the voters for his party when he slammed PM Modi stating in next 6 months, Prime Minister won’t be able to leave his house. Congress MP said desh ka yuva unko dande se marega (youth will beat him up with sticks) over rising unemployment.

Reports said India is facing its all-time high unemployment under the Modi regime. However, it seems like the PM Modi-led government has been ignoring the serious issue.

To raise the concern and bring the government’s attention to the serious issue of no jobs, hundreds of young pass-outs had marched on the streets of Delhi in 2019. At that time the unemployment rate was 6.1 which has now shot up to 7.60.

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After the protests and the Opposition’s continuous questioning, PM Modi, in an interview, had scrapped all these claims of rising unemployment. PM Modi said the people who claim there was a job loss situation occurred due to demonetization, don’t have stats to back their claims.

Prime Minister asserted that the Opposition is just looking for excuses to target him and discredit the historic decision of demonetization.

In another interview, PM had quoted the Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation’s (EPFO) data adding the figures show that many job opportunities have been created under his government.

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