The Delhi assembly elections are going to held tomorrow on February 8, and before that everyone has to check their names on the voter list. If you haven’t checked the list then don’t panic you can easily do it online. The results of your voting will come on February 11 so vote wisely and don’t miss voting. Check how you can easily vote and check your name on voter list.

In the Delhi assembly elections, there are approximately 1.46 crore eligible voters as per the records of the Election Commission of India. To make the voting easu=y and convenient for the voters the election commission has planned 2,689 polls panel locations in the city so that the voters would cast the vote without wasting a whole day by standing in a line. EC enrolled a total of 13,750 polling stations in the city for the Delhi assembly elections. Now the voter need not go back to the offices, one can check the name online by a few easy steps.

  • Open your web browser and search for a National Voters service portal Delhi.
  • Fill up the required details in the available form, make sure that you will put all the correct information
  • After putting all the details the voter can click on the search button
  • According to the recorded details, the site will navigate you to your constituency, booth and poll panel.
  • If you have Electors Photo Identity Card or EPIC number then you can directly log in and find you constituency
  • To find out the polling stations you have to go to the Delhi Government Online Poll Station
  • After that follow the same steps

You can click here for the direct link

Election Commission has also grated a mobile app called Booth App, You can download the app on your mobile phone. It is convenient to use and even gives you better options to work on. It has technology that can predict the line on your nearest booth station so that you can identify the best time to go to the booth. The slip provided online will give you a unique QR code that can be scanned at the polling booth and you would be able to vote without the hard copy.

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