Jamia Millia Islamia firing: The age of the man who brandished a pistol and shot a Kashmiri student in Jamia on Thursday last is now the hot topic of discussion on Twitter. Following the release of a CBSE Class 10 certificate said to be his by a wire service on its Twitter handle, many media outlets which had initially named the shooter had to do a double-take and delete the man’s name since the law doesn’t allow the outing of a minor accused’s name. But now the controversy has taken another perplexing turn. Senior journalist Prem Panicker put out a blog tracing many questions raised by other twitter users on the authenticity of the certificate.

Panicker lists Krish Ashok and several other tweeple for pointing out anomalies in the purported marksheet which clearly indicates, at least to the layperson, that some level of tinkering has been done with the document or its image. This is particularly important since the law deals with adults and minors in markedly different ways. By making the shooter a minor, the wire agency seems to have put a protective shield around him.

Journalist Hartosh Singh Bal tweeted that marksheets’ quick availability pointed to a plan in action. He said it was an old Punjab village feud trick where a youngster closest to the age of 18 was selected to carry out an act of violence.

Another Twitter user wrote a sarcastic comment. According to the tweet, his marks show that he is anti-national, intelligent, logical Modi bhakt and a good candidate for turning into a murderer and terrorist.

Check out other tweets:

On January 30, the Jamia shooter brandished a gun and pointed it at students in the university in Delhi, and shot Kashmiri student Shadab Farooq on his hand. It came to be known later that he had intended to do it at Shaheen Bagh, the scene of the protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act, and landed at Jamia by mistake.

The video of the shooter also became viral where he can be seen on the near the barricades and Delhi Police personnel calmly looking at him. After a few minutes, the video shows the man shooting Shadab Farooq while saying Yeh Lo Azaadi. He was arrested subsequently.

Aamna Asif, a friend of the injured student and an eyewitness, told the media that the police did not come to their aid despite shouting for help. They didn’t even remove the barricades for the ambulance, she said. To save himself from further harm at the crime scene, Farooq climbed the barricades and made his way out.

To allegations of police laxity and complicity, the Delhi Police responded that the incident took place too fast and the contingent at Jamia couldn’t react quick enough, and by then, a shot had already been fired.

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