The Supreme Court on Wednesday rejected the petition of one of the 2012 gangrape-murder convict Mukesh Kumar Singh, who had challenged his mercy plea rejection by President Ram Nath Kovind in the apex court. The convict’s appeal to the court to review his petition over the mercy plea but the court has denied it. SC dismissed the petition stating that there is no ground to challenge the rejection of mercy plea by the President.

All the points raised by the convict Mukesh had been deeply reviewed by the trial court, High Court and the Supreme Court and were produced by the Ministry of Home Affairs before President, said Justice R Banumathi who headed a three-judge bench.

Keeping the convict’s allegation of non-application of mind on the mercy plea by the President, the apex court said that dismissal or rejection of the mercy plea by the President doesn’t mean non-application. On the other hand, the victim’s parents are really happy that finally the justice has been served to their daughter after a long fight of 7 years.

All the convicts – Pawan Gupta (25), Vinay Sharma (26), Akshay Thakur (31) and Mukesh Kumar Singh (32) have been scheduled to hang on February 1, 2020. In the hearing on January 7, the court issued a death warrant for all the four convicts to be executed on January 22 but due to the mercy plea filed by Mukesh, the Delhi government told the High Court that hanging was not possible on January 22 as per the rules.

Mukesh’s counsel had also put allegations on the jail authority that he was sexually assaulted and tortured inside the jail and that all the facts have not been produced before the President Kovind. In the latest development, another convict Akshay Kumar Singh has filed a curative petition today. Also, the Supreme Court had already rejected the curative petitions of two convicts – Mukesh and Vinay Sharma.

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