BJP MP Parvesh Verma, who has been at the forefront to give hate speech lately, dropped another controversial statement on Friday. After the arrest of Delhi Deputy CM Manish Sisodia’s OSD Gopal Krishna Madhav, BJP MP targeted the AAP government stating OSD is just a medium, the bribe money goes into the pocket of Deputy Cheif Minister. He added the same money is being spent to send Biryani for the Shaheen Bagh protesters.

A few days ago, Parvesh Verma had said that people sitting at the Shaheen Bagh will enter your house and rape daughters and sisters. In his second controversial statement, he had called Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal a terrorist.

For his hate speeches, the Election Commission had banned Verma twice. But again, the BJP MP has done the same reiterating his claims that AAP supports Shaheen Bagh and the Delhi government is corrupt.

Earlier today, Manish Sisodiya reacted to the OSD’s arrest news and took Twitter to voice his opinion about the issue. He urged the CBI to take up the matter strictly and punish the OSD. Defending himself and his government, Sisodia said that AAP believes in zero tolerance for corruption and he himself got some officers arrested in the past 5 years.

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Reports said the OSD to deputy CM was arrested by the CBI on Thursday over the allegations of taking Rs 2 lakh bribe.

The incident gave MP Parvensh Verma a chance to prove his earlier claims that AAP is linked to Shaheen Bagh, which happen to be a major point for the saffron front during its election campaign.

It has been over 50 days that protesters against the CAA have been sitting at Delhi’s Shaheen Bagh, which caught the attention of everyone including the citizens, media and political fronts.

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