Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday slammed former Congress chief Rahul Gandhi and mocked him indirectly calling a tubelight. Replying to former Congress chief’s Wednesday’s statement that youth would hit PM Modi with sticks in 6 months, PM Modi said he has decided to increase the frequency of doing Surya Namaskar to bear hits of the sticks.

The moment Rahul Gandhi tried to interrupt Prime Minister, he said it’s been 30 to 40 minutes he has been speaking, some people have now realized that they had to intervene, it took this long for the current to reach there. Many tubelights are like this, said Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Lok Sabha.

PM Modi further said it has been more than 20 years, he has been hearing a lot of abuses and been abuse-proof (Gaali-proof). Now, after Congress MP’s suggestion, he would make myself stick-proof (danda-proof), said PM Modi.

PM Modi said this while thanking President Ramnath Kovind for his address to the Parliament. PM Modi said the Honourable President highlighted the vision for a New India. President’s address instills a spirit of hope and it presents a roadmap for taking the nation ahead in the times to come, the Prime Minister said.

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