Bigg Boss 13: Asim Riaz is considered to have the strongest possibility to win Bigg Boss 13, the show is about to end and soon the finale will be on air on February 15, 2020, everyone is eager to know who is going to be the winner of the grand trophy of Bigg Boss. Asim Riaz has made his path clear towards the finale, by winning immunity as well as winning fans.

The model was called the poster boy in the house. His going to sleep shirtless caught a lot of attention initially of all the women contestants. Asim’s rapport with Sidharth Shukla was liked by all and these too were known for their bro-ship. But their bond saw a downfall and their fights started doing the talks. Asim’s high claims of Sidharth leaving his team to him declaring he was famous, the model became a laughing stock for many in the house.

Facing all kinds of madness inside the house, and working over his anger, Riaz made himself the much deserving contender for the title of Bigg Boss 13 winner. And even Riaz was the first member of the elite club and enjoyed quite a few facilities.

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Asim Riaz’s journey from chocolate boy to an angry young man in Bigg Boss 13 has been viral over internet. He even had one of the best experience in life by falling in love with someone in the show, Riaz fell in love with wild card contestant Himanshi Khuraana. And then his love story came under the scanner. Asim’s journey might have been an upside-down one, but Bigg Boss fans see him as one of the top contenders this season.

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