Bigg Boss 13 Grand Finale Winner: Bigg boss 13 is in its last leg now. The grand finale of the show is due on 15th February. The show has given its viewers a lot of controversies, fun, and entertainment. Sidharth Shukla has already entered into the grand finale with all the support and love from viewers.

A video is seen on twitter, in which Jasmin Bhasin an Indian actress is seen supporting Sidharth Shukla. She says Sidharth is everybody’s favorite and he should win, it was very tough for him to stay in the house and change his habits or adjust in a place completely different from his lifestyle.

Bhasin said, since Sidharth entered the BB house, he was battling the situations and his health so that he can stay in the game and come out much stronger. Shukla always wanted to win the tasks as he has been a sportsman and he doesn’t like losing.

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Jasmin says in the video that she loves the journey of Sidharth, as he has always been very supportive of his friends and has always done well in all the tasks. She says that she loves Sidharth and is going to support him. Jasmin also requested all the people to vote for him.

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Not only the video of Jasmin Bhasin but also there is a hashtag in trend on twitter which is #Sidharthkeaslifans. The hashtag is trending on number one. There are already 4k tweets with this hashtag on twitter and still, the count is on. The fans of Sidharth are requesting people to support and vote for him.

Sidharth already had a huge fan following, and the count is increasing since the time he has entered the BB house. People are loving him and are showing a lot of support to him.

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