The show is in its final week, every contestant in the Bigg Boss house tried their best for 19 weeks by putting their whole effort in impressing the audience. So now the race is coming close to an end, where everyone is trying to chase the trophy. As all the BB fans know that, in the finale week every contestant is shown a video of their journey in Bigg Boss House.

The phase has always been emotional for all the contestants and even the viewers. This time it has started with Arti Singh, the video of Arti Singh is going viral on social media. Reports said when Sidharth Shukla was shown his journey video he got emotional.

The video was shown amid the audience. His journey video included all the little, cute and romantic moments of SidNaaz, the aggressive little fights with the contestants of the BB house, especially with Asim Riaz. His naughtiness and escapade were all part of his video.

What can be seen at the end of the video was, Shukla grew much stronger with time. He emerged out as a true winner. He already had a very strong fanbase but during this show, he has gained even more lovers than before.

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Sidharth always stood out as a one-man army and fought for himself. He even gained control over his aggression while coming towards the end of the show.

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Sidharth Shukla will get emotional after watching his journey video, not just him, every contestant will get emotional after watching theirs. Bigg Boss has always been a show which woos the viewers a lot. To see the show coming towards an end will make the viewers sad as well.

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