Our mine hacks Facebook’s Instagram and Twitter: The hacker group made headlines earlier this week hacking into the social media accounts of sports promotions NFL and UFC are back again exposing the cybersecurity of Twitter and Instagram on 8th of February.

The world witnessed a series of posts around 5 am both from the official Instagram page as well as the Twitter handle of Facebook most of which were just the logo, of the hacker group OurMine.

What caught everyone’s attention was a tweet that announced it was OurMine that was in control of the twitter page, even mentioned that Facebook is hackable and denounced the security of Twitter calling it inferior to Facebook’s security, and asked people to turn towards OurMine for security improvement.

It’s not the first time that the hacker group has managed to sneak into the accounts of popular companies, they have a history of hacking into the accounts of celebrities and companies ever since its formation in 2014.

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The biggest concern from this is that OurMine announced their intentions one week in advance when they hacked into the official Instagram account of MMA promotion UFC where they wrote in a since-deleted post that, internet security is still weak in the world and we can expect a lot more crazy.

This raises the question of whether our social media ever be fully secure, as there hasn’t been any improvement with regard to security when the world biggest company is prone to hacking the security of a common man’s social media is out of the question.

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