Bong Joon-ho’s inspired thriller Parasite : transcends cultures to win best picture at the Oscars, becoming the very first foreign language film to win best picture.

What makes Parasite Oscar worthy

Parasite is a far cry from the traditional films we watch, it blends multiple genre’s like dark comedy,thriller and social drama that scrutinizes society, and makes viewer contemplate about it.

Parasite is initially the story of a underprivileged Kim family that makes pizza boxes to make ends meet, who start working for a rich Parks family which leads them to discover the parasite in the Parks family house.

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However the best description of the film is its initial tittle which was Parasites, as it is the story of parasites that makes the viewer question who the titular parasite is.

Parasite is one film that excels profoundly in each of its departments, from meticulously crafted set pieces to tonally appropriate background score, making sure every frame highlights characteristics of each character.

The set pieces are the ones that add layers to story, which is greatly complemented by the simple yet effective cinematography, one example of this brilliance in set pieces comes mid way in the film, when Kim family leaves for their home in the rain during the entire sequence they keep walking downstairs asserting the fact that they are going down in society and in class hierarchy.

This is followed throughout the film in different ways, first in the geographical placement of the houses of both the families,the Kims live in a basement below the surface where rest of the society is underlining their placement in the class hierarchy, where as the Parks live at the very top indicating their superiority.

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Secondly, all roads that lead to the Kim family residence are declined downwards whereas all roads leading to the Parks are inclined upwards,these nuances make the subsequent viewings even more rewarding.

Film provides commentary on not just the class difference in society, but also on the tussle that poor of the society have among themselves just to put food on their table, which is highlighted in a brilliant fight between the Kims and the parasites they discover showing how a job is matter of life and death for them.

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Apart from the class conflicts, the film also showcases brilliant twists that audience never sees coming, yet is expecting something of similar sorts throughout due to the usage of ominous background score and constant expression of unease visible on characters face.

Parasite is highly reminiscent to the Italian neorealist films with likes of Bicycle thieves but with improved and envelope pushing story telling technique. Using aspects of a film to tell a story.

It is an experimental yet simple film that forces you to question the holier than thou reality of the modern society, which remains entertaining keeping everyone at the edge of their seats.

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