Social media slams Donald Trump: Social media users have stood by Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg after US President Donald Trump attacked her hours after Time magazine named her Person of the Year for 2019. The 2016 Time’s Person of the Year criticized the American magazine for honoring the Swedish climate environmentalist.

Trump termed the decision as ridiculous. He went on to advise Thunberg to work on her anger management problem, referring to her UN speech in which she had denounced the world leaders for not doing much to stop climate change. In response, the 16-year-old activist trolled the 73-year-old Trump. She changed her Twitter description.

Here is the Twitter reaction to Trump’s insulting remarks to Thunberg:

A Twitter user said: HER Anger Management problem? We knew you wouldn’t be able to resist attacking her. Good thing her name wasn’t Barron or something.

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A user said: I wonder if Melania will go into one because you are attacking a child? Oh yes you’ve done it loads before with Greta and the victims of mass shootings. She said nothing.

Another user said: Greta Thunberg is dedicating her life fighting climate change because her generation has to deal with the rising seas, wildfires, hurricanes, food shortages, and hell on Earth because of all the rich old people like Trump sucking this planet dry for oil like vampires. Be best.

While several users reminded Trump her wife Melania Trump’s criticism of Pamela Karlan mentioning their son Barron. He said: Don’t forget Melania criticised others for simply mentioning her sons name in the hearings – then her husband turns on a 16 year old on the autism spectrum.

One netizen said: I’m old enough to remember when the right lost their ever loving minds because someone mentioned your son’s name… So ridiculous is right. Eat 💩, hypocrites! All of you!

Another user said: Donald Trump is mad because Greta Thunberg is on a real TIME Magazine cover She didn’t need to create a fake TIME Magazine cover to hang in golf clubs

Meanwhile, the Republican president had targetted Thunberg in September this year after her video criticizing world leaders on climate change went viral.

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