Monkey grooming policeman: In a bizarre video that has gone viral on the internet, a monkey is seen giving a grooming session to police personnel in Uttar Pradesh. The video was captured at the Pilibhit police station in the state. The video has been shared by Additional Superintendent of Police Rahul Srivastav, who is also known to be a TEDx speaker. In the viral video, the monkey is busy scanning through the police officer’s head for lice while the police personnel is busy checking his official papers on his hand.

According to reports on a media website, the policeman in the video is the Inspector in-charge of Pilibhit Police station, Shrikant Dwivedi. The viral video has created a lot of hype among the people and has become a talking point for everyone who has given a glance at it. Meanwhile, several media organizations have and other platforms have shared the video with their readers several times.

Commenting on the video, a Twitter user wrote, “It can happen only in India.. Hanumanji serving a hard-working inspector… Can’t stop the smile.. Lots of respect to both of them..” Some people couldn’t even believe that it was actually happening. However, there have been several cases where animals have been captured on camera grooming humans.

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